Hey, I'm Sabrina Grant

I am a wife, and mother of 2 and my general feeling is that simply living well seems more complicated than ever before.  Modern technology, social media, marketing and advertising, cost of healthy living, being sedentary, our email inbox are just some of our modern world stressors, affecting us emotionally and physically, some thrive in this situation, but some tip us into feeling like we just never come off the hamster wheel, always constantly trying to keep up. 

No downtime means feeling of overwhelm and can then be destructive to our beliefs that we can achieve. In the face of such a challenging environment around us, I wanted to find out what motivates us to look after our health? who do we involve in these decisions? do we feel this is important?


How can we help ourselves to do this better? How do we juggle living well when we have an added complexity of living with a long-term condition?

I set out to answer these questions in my PhD working with patients diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension).

Hypertension affects a third of adults in the UK which can lead to the development of more serious conditions affecting the heart and other organs such as the brain, kidney, and eyes.

Many people are not aware they have high blood pressure yet making some simple healthy lifestyle changes, and a sense of agency, can often help slow the chances of getting high blood pressure and reduce your chances of being on long term treatment.


Our motivation to look after our health goals can be shaped by many things, from our culture, to our beliefs about health, attitudes and values we attach to our health. ‘Self-managing’ a condition requires skills to look after the disease, a degree of self-control and motivation. 

But with such a highly stressful world we live in it’s a no wonder our motivation to look after our health is compromised.

Unhealthy habits creep back in.  This sparked my interest in habit science where I discovered self-monitoring is a powerful component of forming healthy habits. I therefore trained with the Habit Change Institute in Australia as the first Habit Change Practitioner in the UK, to bring you what is genuinely the solution to making lifestyle changes that last.


I am passionate about being able to empower people with the skills and tools to make you habitually live well, that is to live healthily and well without even thinking about it. It is now my business to help clients reconnect with health goals, become more mindful of their own role in health and harness healthy habits, all through evidence-based coaching underpinned by core psychological principles.

Client Feedback

Workshop Participant
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You're so knowledgeable about habit change & the science behind it and you present in a clear and interesting way.
Workshop Participant
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It was certainly thought provoking!
Workshop Participant
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I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s event. It was so insightful and I really enjoyed looking at my behaviours from a different perspective. You are so knowledgeable on this topic I will definitely be recommending you to those looking for some advice and events surrounding that topic.

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