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“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” Charles C. Noble

My Mission

.To inspire, motivate and empower clients to embrace health regardless of whatever weight, size or body shape.  I  am focused on helping people to make lifestyle changes without overwhelm, using sensible approaches that blends core psychological principles and evidence based habit change methodologies. The only way to long term change.

Dr. Sabrina Grant

How can I help you?

We live half of our daily life with little conscious thought, or relatively automatically.  These are our habits. But what if these habits are stopping you from living a life that is in line with your true personal vision of health.  Start changing your habits, start changing your life.

So, ask yourself…

Are you fed up of being on countless weight loss programs, counting calories or being on diet and exercise regimes that you just cannot commit to?

Do you know you need to make changes to your lifestyle, perhaps it has been recommended by your doctor, but you just don’t know where to start?

Do you live with a long term condition which requires a lifecourse of treatment? perhaps you know making some small changes within your lifestyle may make a huge difference to your overall health but its difficult to know what to focus on first?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, let’s stop feeling bad about this. There is a way out.  The power to transform lies within YOU!

This is not therapy or counselling. Through a holistic look at your daily routines I will explore your health journey.  We will work together to help you  build some simple to follow healthy habits towards your relationship with food, how much sleep you are getting, your movement, relaxation, whatever is important to you.  Start your health journey of happiness  now! 

The exciting thing is, once you understand this inner game and know the basic steps of habit change you can apply this to so many areas of your life, productivity at work, relationships and much much more. 

My passion is in empowering you to feel capable to make sensible and simple changes to daily life. Changes you can implement straight away straight away and importantly fits within your existing routines.

Habit change is underpinned by core psychological principles and neuroscience, it is quite literally a reprogramming of your mind.

I do not believe that life should be overhauled simply to live well.   This is about making YOU the expert of your health and well-being.

Here’s the thing, it takes anything from 18-254 days to form a habit.  Each person is unique and needs a different amount of time to work towards achieving healthy habits.  I therefore most importantly listen to your story and tailor the habits you want to create around your goals. This could mean my time with you can range from a short consultation to a tailored bespoke programme of support.  There are no diets, restricted eating or tough exercise regime in sight.  

Book your FREE discovery call, and I will explore your health goals.  We work together to create, define, align your goals with your health, understanding where you see yourself right now and where you feel you want to be. 

Everyone has a different health story which can influence where you are today.  By the end of my sessions will be able to make easy practical changes to your habits and turn them into habits that serve you in the best way to help you achieve lifelong sustainable change.

All my habit change methodologies are based on decades of research and core psychological principles.  You will receive weekly content sessions which I deliver you and weekly check ins from me to keep you on track. 

I offer individual (one to one) or group support.  single consultations, to 121 or group tailored support with weekly check ins with you on the phone.  

If you feel stuck in a rut with your health, been on and off with losing weight, regaining weight, moving from diet to diet and want to put an end to this cycle this programme is for you. 

I will share only habit change methodologies and psychological principles that are backed by high quality evidence.

By providing you with the knowledge, skills and simple tools to reset your habits you will see a transformation where you are automatically living well! 

I only need your readiness to learn, some commitment to put your learning into practice and a sense of fun to do something different!

Every person is unique, with different health needs. Book your discovery call and we can discuss what the best options for you.

Yes, I offer a no-obligation complimentary call (via video/telephone) to understand your health journey a little better and explore how you can transform your lifestyle starting today!  

Are you looking for effective ways for your patients to create simple lifestyle changes without the need for lengthy waiting times?

What if there was a way to get your patients to adhere to their recommendations, whether that be regularly taking their medication, sticking with their weight management plan or quitting smoking. 

Well now there is.

Research shows that changing one’s habits is the ONLY solution for achieving sustainable changes.

But as a health professional I understand your time is short with your patients.  All they might need is some step by step accountability or support to coach them on how to change these lifestyle habits.

I have trained with the Habit Change Institute, Gold Coast, Australia to become a globally certified Habit Change Practitioner.  I can work alongside you and your patient recommendations, ensuring your patients are on track and adhering to their prescriptions or any lifestyle recommendation they have been given.

All you need to do is refer your patients to me and I will take care of the rest.  If you want to understand more about the evidence underpinning habit change please contact me.

I look forward to working with you to improve your patient outcomes. 

I am deeply passionate about helping each one of us achieve personal growth in our health.  I am a Chartered Psychologist, elected member of the Specialist Group in Coaching Psychology and certified  Senior Habit Change Practitioner.  For nearly 20 years I have been researching what motivates us to look after our health.  How can we best look after our health if we are diagnosed with a long term condition?  How do we stay motivated? How do we live well? Lots of this research has been published in leading international medical journals.

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Dr Sabrina Grant

Change your habits. Change your life.​

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Reduce your health risks with Habits 360°

Habits 360° is a programme designed to help people develop positive habits for lifelong change.  Together, we take a 360° full circle look at your lifestyle.

I guide and support you through a 12 session online programme delivered across 12 weeks.

We will deep dive into your routines, taking a step by step approach towards working towards your health goals.

Using these scientifically based habit change methods, you will see outcomes such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Emotional management
  • Boosting confidence
  • Personal empowerment in taking back control of your health.

The programme includes

  • Weekly or Monthly educational online module training
  • Lifetime access to a comprehensive digital study guide, tailored assessments and sheets.
  • App based support to inspire and help you get started with your new habits.
  • My personal support to keep you accountable and give you that all important human connection.

Book your no obligation discovery call to see whether I can help you.

Reduce overwhelm for your employees post pandemic

‘Revving up good habits, breaking the bad’ is a corporate offering, a habit recovery programme designed to help your employees understand the impact of these unprecedented times, across the globe due to COVID-19 on our health.  

Through a habit change lens, we explore strategies that can be taken to emerge positively from mass scale disruption of routines both at home and work, illness and bereavement. 

Your employees may have thrived during this time, adapting, and establishing routines and thriving with the new ways of working.  On the other hand some may have barely been surviving, concerns over employment, redundancy threats whilst potentially dealing with bereavement, personal illness  or caring responsibilities.   

This programme is delivered in two parts*

Part 1 – Webinar (impact of COVID-19 on our health & home; masterclass in understanding the science of habit change, habit formation and breaking habits)

Part 2 – 4-week exclusive access to online habit training course (educational module sessions, weekly accountability, tailored plan, app-based support to help you get going with 1 or 2 personally developed habits)

*Corporate rates and discounts apply.

Why will power alone is not enough

Despite the prominence placed on lifestyle interventions for obesity management, most weight loss is followed by weight regain. In fact, 97% of weight loss attempts do not succeed long term.  Our habits (our subconscious, automatic behaviours) dictate the majority of our daily activity however  conventional weight management and lifestyle interventions focus on changing an individual’s behaviour, not changing an individual’s habits.  Changing behaviour requires a high degree of self-control and will power, which eventually runs out with all the complexities that every day life can bring.   

The programmes I deliver incorporate evidence based strategies to help form new habits, and break old ones.  I give you the tools to creat plans you can stick to and make those change long term.  Let’s say it’s a genuine reprogramming of your mind! 

Research shows, it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, but this can vary from between 18 – 254 days.   Forming new habits or breaking existing ones is therefore very individual and does not have a magic number for success. Some may achieve habit change in a few days, some a few weeks or months, and I am there to support you along the way.  

Importantly, once you embark on y the rest of your health journey YOU will be the master in leading your healthiest life pretty much automatically!

1 %
of diets fail
average no of days to form a habit
1 %
of people can form new habits with the right help

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s event. It was so insightful and I really enjoyed looking at my behaviours from a different perspective. You are so knowledgeable on this topic I will definitely be recommending you to those looking for some advice and events surrounding that topic.

Leila (workshop participant)

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